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Marine & Transportation

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Forest Product Terminals

Pacific Custom Log Sorting

Detailed design of sheet pile retaining structure for log bundle retrieving. Coquitlam, BC (2000)

IECO - Industrial Equipment Co. Ltd.

Structural design of 210' radial stacker for Weyerhaeuser Saskatchewan Ltd. Prince Albert, SW (1999)

Weyerhaeuser (formerly MacMillan Bloedel Ltd.)

Preliminary planning and design of new fender system for an existing marginal scow wharf. Harmac, BC (1988-1989)

Preliminary planning and design of retaining wall for log handling pond. Powell River, BC (1988)

Howe Sound Pulp & Paper Ltd.

Inspection and coordination of non-destructive testing and structural assessment of all wharf structures. Port Mellon, BC (1986)

Allmark, Smith & Associates Ltd.

Inspection and design of repair scheme for damaged log retrieving facility at Fraser Cedar Products Ltd. Maple Ridge, BC (1986)


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