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Marine & Transportation

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Barge Facilities

Matcon Excavation and Shoring Ltd.

Planning and design of second barge loading facility. Vancouver, BC (2006-2008)

Planning and design of temporary barge loading facility. Vancouver, BC (2001-2003)

Seaspan International Ltd.

Planning and detailed design of pass/pass barge terminal. Surrey, BC (2006-2007)

Seaspan Coastal Intermodal (formerly CP Rail System)

Preliminary design of new Ro/Ro ramp and new railcar ramp. Vancouver, BC (2000)

Planning and design of new rail car barge ramp facility. Nanaimo, BC (1996)

Conceptual, preliminary, and detailed design of new ramp operating system for ramps at Tilbury Island. Delta, BC (1994-1996)

Ocean Cement

Planning, design, and supervision of ramp operating system for new gravel unloading ramp. Mitchell Island, Richmond, BC (1999)

Rivtow Marine Inc.

Detailed design of new barge berth at Victoria Drive. Vancouver, BC (1999)

Detailed design of steel barge ramp at Commissioner Street. Vancouver, BC (1997-1998)

Harmac Pacific

Detailed design of new wood chip barge berth. Harmac, BC (1998)

Harken Towing Co. Ltd.

Detailed design of barge ramp for existing steel barge. BC (1996)

Southern Railway of BC

New railcar barge terminal. Annacis Island, Richmond, BC (2005-)

Planning, detailed design, and engineering services during construction of new rail car barge terminal. BC (2005)

Planning and conceptual design of new rail car barge loading/unloading facility. BC (1995-1996)

Pacific Piledriver Ltd.

Detailed design of new dolphin for gravel barge berth. Jervis Inlet, BC (1994)

Tree Island Industries Ltd.

Detailed design of new abutment for barge ramp. Richmond, BC (1994)

Weyerhaeuser (formerly MacMillan Bloedel Ltd.)

Planning, design, contract preparation, and construction supervision for three new pre-cast concrete dolphin structures for existing railcar berth. Harmac, BC (1991)

Detailed design of new dolphin structure for existing railcar barge berth. Powell River, BC (1989)

Fraser River Pile & Dredge Ltd.

ViewDetailed design and construction supervision of new wood chip barge facility for Howe Sound Pulp & Paper. Port Mellon, BC (1989-1990)

Design and construction supervision of new scow berth for Doman Forest Products. Richmond, BC (1990)

Pacific Incinerator Ltd.

Planning and design of waterfront development and barge facility for floating waste incinerator. Vancouver, BC (1989-1990)

Howe Sound Pulp & Paper Ltd.

Inspection and reporting on railcar barge ramp hoisting system. Port Mellon, BC (1987)

Fletcher Challenge Canada Ltd.

Design of modification to railcar barge ramp. Crofton, BC (1987)

Nanaimo Harbour Commission

Planning and design of modification to floating Ro/Ro Barge Ramp. Nanaimo, BC (1986)


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