+ Coal Handling Systems
+ Dam Structures
+ Effluent Tanks
+ Foundations
+ Gallery Support Steelwork
+ Grain Handling Systems
+ Hydroelectric Power Plants
+ Pipelines
+ Pulp Handling Systems
+ Retaining Walls
+ Roof & Building Structures
+ Solid Waste Disposal
+ Temporary Works Design



Industrial & Commercial

Temporary Works Design

Vancouver Pile Driving Ltd.

Design of temporary retaining lagged wall for dumper pit/tunnel excavation. Celgar Pulp Mill, Castlegar, BC (1992)

Design of temporary braced and tie-back sheet pile walls for dumper pit and tunnel construction. Neptune Terminals, North Vancouver, BC (1991)

Design of temporary pile bent framing for deep sea marine loading terminal. Nanoose Bay, BC (1991)

Fraser River Pile & Dredge Ltd.

Design of falsework for construction of dolphin structures. Shellburn Refinery, Burnaby, BC (1993)

Design of falsework for construction of ferry terminal wing walls. Swartz Bay, BC (1992)


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