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Vancouver Board of Parks & Recreation

Shore Protection

Preliminary evaluation and cost estimates of groin systems. Vancouver, BC (1989)

Evaluation of the Parks and Recreation foreshore at Jericho Beach and the effect on the local erosion of the demolition of an existing marginal wharf structure. Vancouver, BC (1988)

Vancouver Pile Driving Ltd.

Retaining Walls

Design and supervision of new steel sheet pile retaining wall. North Vancouver, BC (1998-1999)

Effluent Tanks

Detailed design of effluent treatment surge tanks for Scott Paper Inc. New Westminster, BC (1987-1988)

Temporary Works Design

Design of temporary retaining lagged wall for dumper pit/tunnel excavation. Celgar Pulp Mill, Castlegar, BC (1992)

Design of temporary braced and tie-back sheet pile walls for dumper pit and tunnel construction. Neptune Terminals, North Vancouver, BC (1991)

Design of temporary pile bent framing for deep sea marine loading terminal. Nanoose Bay, BC (1991)

Wharf Structures

Design of remedial repair and upgrading scheme for yard service wharf. North Vancouver, BC (1991)

Inspection and structural assessment of existing graving dock and wharf structures. North Vancouver, BC (1986)

Vancouver Port Corporation

Wharf Structures

Conceptual design of new wharf structures between Centennial Pier and Ballantine Pier. Port of Vancouver, Vancouver, BC (1994)

Conceptual design of new cruise ship facility. Port of Vancouver, Vancouver, BC (1994)

Development of feasible repair scheme, detailed design, and construction supervision of structural repair work at LaPointe Pier. Port of Vancouver, Vancouver, BC (1988-1989)

Study and detailed design for the rehabilitation of caisson pier structure at Centennial Pier. Port of Vancouver, Vancouver, BC (1988)


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